Friday, October 13, 2006

Moved Out !!

Trigger Happy - the new happen'n photo blog on the block

Have been wanting to move over to a better photoblog for quite some time.
Blogger is not really the best place to have a photoblog. So after looking at options like CopperMine, Wordpress with mods, rolling out my own and a few others, I decided to check out this relatively new kid on the block, ShutterChance.

It had some of the features that I was looking for
- it was clean (kinda)
- it gave me ISO info
- Nice UI
- Very easy to navigate
- Good commenting system

Getting there

Young Monks in the making, Sikkim - India Posted by Picasa

Tired Feet !

 Posted by Picasa

Sangachoeling Monastery

Sangchoeling Monastery, Sikkim - India

One of the older monasteries in Sikkim Posted by Picasa

whats up doc :-)

 Posted by Picasa


Mt Kanchenzonga, Sikkim - India Posted by Picasa

Who Cares ...

Perfect Parking !!! Posted by Picasa


 Posted by Picasa

Prey !

Cycle rickshaw, Calcutta - India Posted by Picasa